Why Medical Bills In The US Are So Expensive

They billed our insurance company over $3 million for the cost of transplant. Then I have another EOB right after it was it was another $1 million.So you’re looking at a $4 million transplant. I don’t know what people do without insurance. How could you even begin to pay that? We hear so much about

Trump pushes for new transparency with health care prices

NICK SCHIFRIN: National polls show Americans believe health care prices and drug costs are among their top pocketbook concerns. Today, President Trump took aim at hospitals and insurers, with executive orders requiring more transparency around what patients actually pay. But there are questions about the extent to which the orders will help patients, and whether

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Mayo Clinic Biobank

Words to video below for the hearing impaired. Individualized medicine has been a theme for a very long time here at Mayo Medical Laboratories, so when the opportunity came about to really participate with the Precision Medicine Initiative we were ready. This was just a natural extension of what we had already been doing. As